10 Best Online Survey Sites (That Actually Pay)

10 Best Online Survey Sites (That Actually Pay)

10 Best Online Survey Sites (That Actually Pay)

Imagine if you could share your opinion and earn money. How good would it be to sit in front of the television or on your couch, in your spare time, and earn extra money just by saying what you feel about products, services, and topics of journalistic interest? If you like this idea then my friends you come to the right place.

Now the real question. How you can make money by doing an online survey? and How these survey websites work or how much money you can earn from these websites. In today’s post, I will try to cover all queries about the online surveys.


Essentially, yes, you can earn money by doing online surveys. However, you probably couldn’t make a living just with paid surveys.

How much money do you get paid for online surveys?

Ultimately, it is a lateral hustle and bustle that can fit most people’s schedules, but the compensation is usually not incredibly high. Sure, there are some who pay $ 50, $ 100, $ 200 or even more, but they are incredibly rare. You can also earn more than $ 20 in sign up bonuses! But realistically, most go between $ 0.25 and $ 5 per survey.

How is this possible!?

Well, many brands, companies, and organizations around the world continually seek opinions from people like you to shape the products they develop and how they finally market them. They have paid surveys online to provide reliable information.

What Types of Online Surveys Can I Take?

There are many different types of online surveys. Examples include advertising effectiveness surveys, Brand recognition surveys, product attractiveness surveys, service surveys.

You will not qualify for each survey. This means that you can spend a few minutes in one to be rejected, and you earn nothing for that time. Some online survey sites are horrible. They are spam and they will bombard you with emails. In addition, many of them ask invasive questions about political preference and income status. Lame!

However, if you focus on the options below, you can increase your earning potential, giving you a way to earn a little more in your spare time. In addition, if you can try products along the way, you can also get some free stuff, which increases the fun.

10 Best Online Survey Sites

Hey, there my name is Abdul Rehman in today’s post I will tell the 10 best online survey sites that will actually pay you good money. You can choose any of them It takes almost one week to find out the best online survey sites.

Survey Junkie

This survey panel has quickly become a winner when it comes to obtaining high-wage surveys. Although you get mostly surveys of up to $ 3, there are chances of getting surveys that pay well around $ 70. As with other survey panels, the amount of surveys you receive depends on your demographic data.

With a low minimum withdrawal of $ 10 and payments through PayPal (they also deliver gift cards), this is another great survey panel option if you want quick cash.

Ipsos ISay

The iSay is not the most popular survey site, but it should be taken into account when looking for a place to earn extra money to share your opinion.

In most cases, iSay is identical to the other sites on the list. One thing that distinguishes them is the Survey Predictor. If you have been to a survey site before, you know that one of the most frustrating things is to participate in a survey, answer some questions and then be expelled for not qualifying.

If this happens with iSay, you are asked a survey prediction question. These are questions like: “Have you ever been abroad? “And you have to guess what percentage of people said yes. The closer you are to the correct answer; the more chances you have of winning the draw.

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How much will you earn with iSay? Their rewards are average compared to the other survey sites that exist. As with other sites, the amount that will be paid will vary according to the duration of the survey.

You must accumulate at least 500 points (equivalent to $ 5) before you can request payment with PayPal or transfer the money to a gift card.


Yes, MyPoints is one of the oldest players in the online survey space, which contributes greatly to building trust in a sometimes bleak industry.

MyPoints has been around since 1996 and since then has paid more than $ 236 million to its 10 million members.

Beyond the surveys, MyPoints has several other ways for members to earn rewards, including cash purchases, watching videos and playing games.


YouGov offers regular paid surveys. They send an email when a survey is available. It is easy to accumulate enough points to get one of the many reward options. By completing a brief introduction survey when you join, you will get a good start with some free points. He rarely sends surveys for which he does not qualify.

Reward options: PayPal, check, Amazon gift cards, gift cards, charitable donations and more (country dependent)

Available in: more or less worldwide

Overall rating: 3.8 out of 5


InboxDollars is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to earn extra money online quickly, simply using the Internet as you always do, browsing and searching. It is a super popular site that pays in cash, instead of points, which makes it a favorite of the crowd.

When watching videos, playing games, shopping online, browsing news websites and, of course, conducting surveys, it provides vital information to the platform and receives rewards in kind for it.

You get a $ 5 bonus for just signing up, so I recommend that even if they don’t end up being one of your panels of choice, although I definitely think they will be.

10 Best Online Survey Sites (That Actually Pay)
10 Best Online Survey Sites (That Actually Pay)

Its wide range of offers covers almost everything you can think of, so you can earn money from day one, with little effort, regardless of the activities you choose to focus on (online shopping, web browsing, watching videos, performing surveys, playing games, etc.

All in all, they are the all-in-one rewards club for smart and efficient consumers who choose to seize the opportunity to earn money easily by simply continuing their usual activities on their laptop, phone or tablet. 10 Best Online Survey Sites

Inbox Dollars Payment Methods

Payment Type. Members can select from Check, Prepaid Visa or eCards as payment options. Please note: Members will be able to choose a Prepaid Visa® Rewards Card to be Emailed or Mailed.

Swagbucks Surveys

This is without a doubt one of my favorite online survey sites since I was a member of 2009! It is also one of the most popular and well-known survey sites today.

I remember that this was the first survey site that I joined during my university years and I fell in love with them.


Because I was able to splurge my favorite lattes by winning FREE Starbucks gift cards with Swagbucks! With the $ 50- $ 100 gift cards, I didn’t have to pay some of those expensive $ 5 lattes as a bankrupt student! Isn’t that amazing?

In addition to earning FREE gift cards, you also have the option to redeem your points in cash.

How does Swagbucks work?

It’s super simple! You earn “Swagbucks” (SB) points and it is your choice to redeem them on FREE gift cards or cash, whatever you want! ❤️

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In addition to earning money by entering surveys with Mingle, you also have the opportunity to test products and perform reviews from home.

What I love about Mingle is that, even if you are excluded from a survey, you still get rewards with points, so your time is not completely wasted.

Once you reach enough points, you can redeem them for shopping coupons like Amazon, M&S or New Look.

Of course, you can also exchange them for cash.


This survey application is from the same people who created appKarma, a reward application that allows you to earn cash and gift cards to play mobile games. CashKarma differs from the other elements in this list in that it is available exclusively as an application. It is also relatively new.


CashKarma operates within an application, which provides a simple and autonomous user experience. You can also watch videos, complete registration offers and earn additional achievement badges. In addition, you will continue to earn points even if you do not qualify for a survey, depending on the amount of time you spend on a survey from which you are excluded, and you will earn five points a day when you register. 10 Best Online Survey Sites


The application adds opportunities for third-party surveys, allowing you to take advantage of a solid number of potential points. However, because you are taking advantage of different sites, it means that you will answer some of the same qualification questions on several occasions, as in most survey sites.

Product Report Card

This site is very similar to Inbox Dollars & Swagbucks. You can become a leader by giving companies their opinion about their products. Earn cash, Amazon gift codes or free products for every online survey you complete.

Pros: Registration takes less than 5 minutes and is 100% free.

Payment method: Earn cash, Amazon gift codes or free products for each online survey you complete.


PrizeRebel is THE best survey site in my opinion. I have had a lot of positive experience with them over the years, I have earned more than $ 100 and they pay within 24 hours.

You can be paid through PayPal, Amazon, gift cards, BitCoin or directly to your bank account.

I like PrizeRebel because they offer many quick surveys so you can get a good amount of change very quickly.

And so far I have earned more than $ 2,000 with them.

Paid Surveys FAQ

What kind of survey questions can you expect to answer?

When it comes to making business decisions, data is really important.

That means you can expect all kinds of questions in the surveys. Anything that can directly or indirectly help a company adjust a product or service is a fair game.

Surveys can refer to many different topics, such as your television watching habits, your favorite places to eat, what sweater material you prefer in the fall, etc. Many surveys may take less than 5 minutes to complete, although some take longer (and pay more money)

How Do Paid Surveys Work?

The online paid survey process begins when a company has an idea for a product. Of course, the company will not only spend millions (or billions) of dollars on an idea without testing it. They will spend millions of dollars trying to see if it is a viable idea, through questionnaires, where you can be paid to do those surveys online.

Can you make a living doing Online Surveys?

I would not recommend that you try to make a living by doing online surveys. There are much smarter ways to earn much more money online in a much smaller amount of time. However, online surveys have their place for anyone who wants to earn some extra money in their spare time.

Create a New Email Address for Surveys?

It’s no secret: registering on a survey site means that you are likely to receive a large number of emails. These could be ads or income opportunities. Either way, it can really mess your work or personal email.

Create a new email address for free through Gmail or Yahoo. Now, these additional emails will automatically stay away from your real life.

How Can We Know If An Online Survey Site Is A Scam?

While the survey sites I listed above are legitimate,

Be careful with the online survey sites that ask you to send money of any kind. If a polling company asks you to send money, it’s totally fun!

Don’t give them a penny!

Legitimate survey sites will not ask you for money to send to earn money.

Some things to look for in survey sites that are a scam:

  • They request personal information such as credit card numbers or a social security number.
  • Ask for money to register.
  • Promise that you can earn thousands of dollars in no time.

How Do Online Surveys pay You?

If you read the description of each online survey site paid earlier in this article, you will know that not all sites work the same way.

In general, there are three ways you can be paid:

  • Cash – paid through PayPal or by check
  • Points: which you can convert into gift cards or prizes.
  • Raffle entries: use points to enter cash and prize gifts.

The current trend seems to be moving towards PayPal cash/compensation in addition to gift card options. Survey sites are beginning to realize that almost nothing is better than hard and cold cash.

Use Roboform to Auto-Fill Responses

Do you know how survey sites ask you the same questions over and over again, especially when you register for the first time?

Using a free autocomplete platform like Roboform can help. You will enter your information into your system once, then recognize when that question is asked and complete it automatically. This will save you a lot of time.

In addition, you can use Roboform to save your passwords, because let’s be honest, nobody can remember the passwords.


Yes. In the era of online activity, everyone and their mother are trying to take advantage of the best survey sites to earn extra money online.

I know because I spend a lot of time analyzing Google searches to help identify user needs.

The objective of this quantitative effort is to answer questions and find the best solutions for Millennial Money readers.

How long does it take to complete Online Survey?

This will vary depending on the person. A survey can take someone 20 minutes, but it could take another person 60 minutes.

So this really depends on the person conducting the survey.

On average, a person can wait between 10 and 25 minutes to complete different surveys.

Bottom Line

So there we have it: 10 best online paid survey sites, each with a unique proposal and each with something special to offer the consumer. Earning money by completing surveys has never been so easy, and by focusing on our ten paid survey winners you can be sure that the site is legitimate and reliable. Happy survey!

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