Earn BIG Money To Talk About Game Of Thrones


Earn BIG Money To Talk About Game Of Thrones Want to earn some serious money by talking about your favourite shows? Pop culture coaching is the job none of us knew we wanted, until now. Here’s how to nab your new dream job.

Game of Thrones is all anyone is talking about, so this is the perfect time for a service that lets people pay pop culture coaches to chat about the latest TV, film, music and sports news. Who said that watching TV instead of studying is a waste of time?

Bark.com is providing services to those who want coaching on topics from selection of shows, music, sports or general knowledge.

The service will cost around £ 35 per hour, but coaches set their own fees. This means that if you’re really into GOT, as you’ve repeated every series several times and you regularly throw in quotes and vague reference conversations, you’re in luck – people are good money for that knowledge. Will give

How can you get paid to watch Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones paid job


Credit: HBO

The professional pop culture coaching service was launched by Bark.com, and aims to save people a lot of time and awkwardness if they feel exposed to the hot topics of the moment.

And, if coaching sessions are not enough, there is a choice of ‘on-call’ services, where clients can send their coaches a subtle text for any mid-convo moments where they feel out of their depth.

If coaching is not for you, but you think you want a masterclass on pop culture, this service can save you a lot of time watching all season 8 (two days and 17 hours, to be exact) of GOT.

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As a service, it is ideal for those who want to overcome social anxiety and trivialities of nails, such as on dates and events.

And for those wanting to work as a coach, this is a great way to earn money about the things you already specialize in (pop culture).

Kai Feller, co-founder of Bark.com, said:

We hope that this new service can help ease some of the anxieties associated with having to socialise and always needing to find something to talk about.

This is a dream job for sport or TV buffs. You’re literally getting paid to talk about your favourite things, whether it be the Premier League, the Masters, Game of Thrones or Killing Eve.

If you have knowledge on a pop culture topic, sign up!


Earn BIG Money To Talk About Game Of Thrones

To make some extra cash from your TV addiction, sign up to become a pop culture coach here at Bark.com.

If you can offer any other service at Bark.com, such as pet sitting, photography or collecting coupons, you will be able to get more leads (and more money).

For anyone hoping to hire a coach and take a crash course in all pop culture, Bark.com.

You can also see a daily mix of pop references, memes and some very easy money saving tips on our Instagram.

Other amazing ways to earn money

If this is not for you, but you are looking for other ways to make money from your hobby, then we have found a lot of other ideas.

You can try to work as a mystery shopper, set up a blog and become a TV or movie extra.

Or, for something completely different, you can also set up an alpaca farm because, well, why not?

This can be a good money maker for now, but find out how much your degree will earn you in 10 years.

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