Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?

Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?

Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?

Now a day it’s easy to make money online the reason is there are a lot of different ways to make money online and the best part is almost all the ways are free you don’t need to spend any money or invest anything.

What is Quora?

Everyone know about quora if you don’t know what is quora? In simple words, quora are one of the best question answering websites. Quora has been around since 2009 and probably already found it before when it searches Google for specific questions. Quora allows anyone to ask questions and allows anyone to provide answers.

The advantage of this format is that even the darkest questions can be found. The negative side is that the answers provided can often lack quality, factual content and most of the time they seem to be full of spam.

Quora uses a “positive vote” system to rank the answers based on how many people found them helpful and also has a team of moderators who review the questions and respond to quality.

Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?

Hey, there my name is ABDUL REHMAN welcome back to my new post in today’s post I will tell you the best and easy way to make money by just answering your favorite questions.

What is the Quora Partner Program?

The Quora Partner program is an invitation-only system that will pay you real money for asking questions about Quora. That’s right, by simply asking questions, you can earn thousands of dollars every month.

Nor do you have to provide answers, Quora users will gladly answer your questions, they pay you based on the questions you ask. Sounds simple right? So how do you get an invitation for this scheme to get rich quickly?

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Unfortunately, the Quora partner program is by invitation only. That means you must be invited by Quora to participate. Usually, they only ask users of your site that they have been active in the past (that is, they have registered with Quora, asked some questions, provided some answers, etc.).

There are no real statistics on what invites you: asking a thousand questions might work, but similarly, asking only 10 might work.

Personally, I asked about 20 questions and provided about 10 answers in my account. It wasn’t until a year later that I received my invitation, so it could also be a time-related problem.

Tips for getting into the Quora partner program

  • Ask questions regularly. It may take months to receive an invitation, so log in to the site once a month or so and prove that you are an active user.
  • Provide good answers to show that you are invested in the Quora site.
  • Make a legitimate profile: add a biography, name, profile picture. Quora wants real people to ask questions, not just bots and people looking to send spam to your site.
  • Be patient. It took me more than a year to wait for my invitation to arrive, but some have received it in a few months.

Alternative Money-Making Ways

Don’t be sad if you are not a part of the Quora partner program trust me there are many different ways to make money from Quora.

Here are some alternative ways to make money from Quora you need to apply these right now

Method 1. Earn With Quora’s Knowledge Prizes

This Quora product can help you get rich if you have the ability to write excellent answers to your questions.

Basically, the questions of the companies or “sponsoring” people to whom they look for answers and offer hundreds or even thousands of dollars in prizes to those who decide to give them the best answer.

For example, a question can be sponsored by a Startup to get information about customer relationships.

You simply answer these types of questions and earn as much as you can.

Method 2. Affiliate Marketing Associate

Quora is the best place for affiliate marketing. You can earn big profits if you approach the right way with the affiliate marketing program.

Assume that if you answered a question related to web hosting and then you can provide an affiliate marketing link with a relevant title such as;

“You can buy XYZ web hosting and get a 30% discount directly”

This will surely tempt the reader to buy the service and if the conversion is successful, then he can win the part.

Method 3. Use Monetized Link

Many of you give links to your Quora response for further reference. If you monetize the links with the help of the URL shortener and then share the shortened links with your Quora responses, then for every 1000 clicks on the links you will be paid a certain amount. Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?

Method 4. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

While talking about the domain of Quora in Google search results. You can use this to attract massive traffic to your blog or website.

You should find a good strategy and high-quality response content so that readers are excited to click on your link and thus attract a lot of traffic directed to your site.

Method 5. Make Money By Selling E-Books

These days, the demand and popularity of making money by selling e-Book in Quora are increasing. If you have good writing skills. You can even think of selling with even 100 copies of your ebook/month each at a cost of $ 30, and you will easily earn $ 3000 per month with just one book.

When you have published the book, you can visit Quora and look for the topics related to the book and provide a set of quality responses. In the body and at the end of the answer, you will add the link directly to the e-book.

Tips for Answering Quora Questions:

When I market on Quora, my strategy is always to comment early and take up so much space to answer the question. That means that I first check the Answer within a niche category instead of my feed.

Now when I say take up space I want to say two things. First, I want to say write a comprehensive answer that covers some paragraphs.

Second, I add a visual component as images to occupy the space. The last thing I always do is add a link to a relevant article that I have written where a person can get more information on the subject.

That way, I added value first, stood out second and drove traffic third. Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?

They can always partner with someone to help each other. There are two ways to do this. First, you can ask someone with a different IP address to post the question you want to answer.

Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?
Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?

This allows you to add a link to the content you just wrote in case nobody asks about it. Second, they can take turns voting for each other’s content.

While you can get a couple of people within the same IP to vote your content, if too many people do, it is likely to be dialed.

Use Quora as a blog resource. Creating blog ideas after running it for a few months or years is difficult. You can check Quora to see what people are asking in your niche.

This will help you be more polite within your niche while you better understand the needs of your customers.

Are you a member of the Quora Partner Program?

If you are a member of the Quora Partner Program, I would love to have your opinion on this and how well it has worked for you. Let us know in the comments your experience using it and if you would recommend it to other people looking to earn money online. Did You Know You Can Make Thousands of Dollars From Quora?

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