Complete Guide To Make money with Toluna Surveys

Make money with Toluna Surveys

Complete Guide To Make money with Toluna Surveys Toluna is best known for his surveys, but there are many other ways to get rewards on the site. Our review reveals what they are and which ones earn the most.

What is Toluna and how does it work? 

Toluna is an online platform community that can complete lists of periodic surveys in exchange for rewards. “Toluna Influencers” is the survey that the user completes because the main brands use the complete surveys. Find out to help them do what they are doing right or wrong and what they should be doing. Simple help on how to make money with Toluna surveys.

How much money can you make with Toluna?

To get an idea of how much you can earn from Toluna, you must understand how the points translate into dollars.

Simply put, the general consensus is that 3000 points equals $ 1.

Basically, points can be redeemed when you have around 30,000. This sounds high, but most surveys offer 4000-6000 points, so it doesn’t take long to build it if you complete regular surveys.

A survey worth 6000 points will generally take around 30 minutes and give you $ 2.

Something else: I was also invited to complete a 4-hour market research activity for $ 55, but it had to be available on Thursday, although it didn’t need to be completed the same day. These kinds of opportunities are definitely excellent if you have time.

Toluna Reviews

The Toluna Influencers are definitely legitimate. I know because I have been paid many times.

However, this does not mean that it will be the right place for you. So let’s summarize the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview before deciding to join or not:


  • Good amount of available surveys
  • Easy to use
  • Pays through PayPal
  • Available in many countries and in the local language


  • A bit slow to pay out in some countries

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How does Toluna work?

Toluna is a website service that uses the survey responses of its members to generate market research. But it’s not just about conducting surveys, it’s also a way to mix with others and listen to their opinions. Watch debates, start discussions, start your own surveys with friends and express your views for the community to see. You can also collect your own research by creating surveys and debates for members to interact.

What are the benefits of Toluna?

  • It is global. Toluna offers a variety of language translation options for your website.
  • It’s free. Join and win prizes at no cost.
  • Registration Points You will receive 500 bonus points just for signing up.
  • Rewards There are many rewards to choose from, and you can redeem your points for a selection of gift cards or cash.

How I Sign Up On Toluna

Registering with Toluna will require you to reveal basic information, such as your name, email address and your phone number, which is understandable that people always have doubts. You can choose not to receive SMS invitations to complete surveys, however, mobile surveys can be completed in this way and if you plan to download the application, I recommend that you accept this. Make money with Toluna Surveys

When registering, take the first survey that helps you create a profile. The questions asked include your address, education level, income and the demographics of your homes.

Toluna Requirements For Sign Up ?

  1. Complete your personal and contact information.
  2. Complete your demographic and other information.
  3. Complete your employment and household information.

6 ways to earn points on Toluna.

There are lot’s of ways to earn points on Toluna But these 5 ways are popular as comare to others.

1. Complete your profile surveys

In the ‘Surveys’ tab at the top of the screen, you will find an option called ‘Profile Surveys’. As expected, these surveys help give Toluna a better idea of the type of person he is, as well as what interests him.

There are 14 profile surveys in total, each paying 100 points and taking a couple of minutes each. You can only complete each survey once, and it is better to do it when you register for the first time in Toluna, since in the future it should mean that only relevant surveys are presented to you.

2.Product Testing

As such, it will not be a way to earn money, but if you select it to try a product, you can keep it, after having tried it and sent some comments to Toluna. That way, it can be a great way to try and buy new products for free.

On the site, you can see what products you can try at this time, and you can also see the next two products that will be available. Usually, there is 1 product per week and a new product every week. You can also see how many of these products are available to be tested.

3.The Rewards

There are many rewards available at Toluna, and they have now diversified to offer their own merchandise. They have things like makeup brushes, cell phone stands and even toothbrush kits for kids for some reason. Make money with Toluna Surveys. But if those things are not for you, then you can keep the standard gift cards like Argos, Amazon, Costa, iTunes and many more, you can have a PayPal payment, but first you must get a value of £ 35 in points, which It is a massive 190000!

4.Claiming Rewards

Points are earned for each survey taken, depending on how long the survey takes.

A survey that can be done in less than a minute earns 60 points, for example.

Users can go to the rewards center to collect their points.

Rewards vary, but you will need at least 1000 to claim the lowest reward, while the £ 35 credit paid through PayPal will cost 185,000 points.

5.Start your own contest

Are you tired of waiting for the next Toluna community contest? Why not start yours?

Of course, all good contests need a prize, and if you can’t provide yours, you can contact Toluna and ask them to help you incentivize the competition.

While you won’t be eligible to win the prize yourself, Toluna will reward you with 5,000 bonus points as a reward for rolling the ball. Okay.

6.Refer a friend to Toluna

Share your referral link with your peers and you will get 500 bonus points for each friend (up to 10 each month) who signs up successfully.

I was approved for membership! Now what?

You can now start taking surveys, creating polls, starting discussion topics and earning rewards. Points from surveys that can be redeemed for gadgets, vacation vouchers, gift cards and cash. You can even take surveys through Toluna’s app.


Toluna is a fun website to try, but, like all the survey websites that exist, you can’t expect to get rich with it. That said, the more you put in, the more you can go out, and it certainly isn’t a scam.

However, all this requires a lot of effort in terms of time spent. Although you have many places where you can contribute, all your answers must be unique. This means that you cannot simply copy and paste some words and use them again to comment on different topics, and thus get more points. Do that and you will be eliminated from the community, with all your lost points.

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