Yes It’s Possible To Make $1000-1500 From PINTEREST

How to make money on Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest

Do you currently have a Pinterest account and spend enough hours on the site daily, weekly or monthly? If so, did you know that you can really earn money directly from your Pinterest account?

Pinterest gives people tons of money every month. I’m not kidding! There are people who earn more than $ 10,000 per month using Pinterest. I am even making a large additional income using Pinterest every month.


All you need is a Pinterest account to start with this method and earn money.

While browsing Pinterest, you can “repaint” the pins that other members have uploaded and created.

You can decide to look through the pins of the people you are following on the platform, or search for virtually anything using the search bar at the top of the Pinterest website.

If you already have a personal account that you are using on Pinterest, be sure to navigate the platform a bit.

Of course, you are here to learn how to make money with Pinterest, so let’s get in!

How to make money on Pinterest

Hey, there I’m Abdul Rehman in today’s article I will tell you the best way to make money from Pinterest


Digital products are HUGE these days. Many people earn a significant amount of income by selling printable, digital files, online courses, and e-books.

Pinterest is a great way to market these products. You can even implement video marketing on your pins!

#2. Drive Traffic To Your Blog.

Pinterest traffic is honestly the best friend of a new blogger! When you have a new blog or website, I recommend focusing your efforts on Pinterest. It’s definitely much easier to get Pinterest traffic than Google when your website is new.

Again, you need to write blog posts that are useful for your readers!

#3. Re-pin Others’ Pins To Win An Audience And Make Money.

Pinterest is a social network, so the easiest way to get people to fix their pins is to be active. Anchor the pins of others, in particular, the people of your target audience will notice you and may even begin to follow your tables. How to make money on Pinterest

#4. Diversify Your Offerings

At first, I made the mistake of rejecting customers simply because they didn’t want to pay my fixed monthly fee for account management services.

What I should have done instead was to modify what I provided until the service coincided with the price at which they felt comfortable. In this way, I keep earning what I think I am worth, and they still get my services at a price they are willing to pay.

These days, I am much more open to negotiation and, therefore, I rarely have to reject a new client due to lack of time on my part or lack of funds on my part.

Also, not everyone who contacts me wants their account to be fully managed. Some of them simply want to create pins because they don’t believe they are creative.

Others want personalized advice on how to optimize their own account and in-depth training to use a programming application; That’s what my individual Skype queries are for. How to make money on Pinterest

That’s what my individual Skype queries are for. How to make money on Pinterest

Be flexible with your offers without compromising. Never lower your rates; Tailor your services to match your price.

#5. Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to get found on Pinterest.

If you want to make money on Pinterest, people should be able to find your pins and boards, so use SEO strategies. Not only will it be found on Pinterest, but it will also be found through major search engines, such as Google.

Make the most of your “About” profile. It has 200 characters (about 50 words). Be clear and descriptive, using the keywords you expect search engines to use.

Also, use SEO strategies on your pins. Each pin allows 500 characters (about 100 words) of description, so make the most of adding keywords and links. Include keywords naturally, rather than unwantedly.

#6. Generate Money-Making Ideas on Pinterest

Everyone wants to earn more money, and Pinterest users are no exception. Some users have created boards dedicated exclusively to ways to earn money; Check them out to find ways to earn extra money.

You could end up with an idea for a profitable secondary business!

#7. Make Money By Promoting Your Services On Pinterest

Think of Pinterest as an extension of your content marketing. Pinterest is not the place to sell your service. You must first obtain Pinners on your site where you can begin to build trust.

Get them on your email list as soon as possible and start building a relationship that way.

Yes, Pinterest can work wonders for lead generation. Link Pines to blog posts with a strong call to action (CTA). Your CTA could encourage people to join your email list, download a resource in exchange for their email or opt for a free trial or consultation.

Don’t hide that CTA at the bottom of your post: readers don’t always stay that long! Instead, use CTA throughout the publication, or try a sliding CTA.

#8. Become a Pinterest VA

Becoming Pinterest VA is one of the fastest growing online jobs. If you have knowledge about Pinterest or are looking to know that Pinterest becoming a Pinterest VA can be excellent for you. Most Pinterest VAs usually do the following:

  • Check your emails A LOT or spend enough hours online.
  • Know how to manage time well to perform tasks in a timely manner.
  • An entrepreneur and loves to finish projects.
  • A person who is willing to invest in time and open to learning new skills.
  • They like to help people with problems and help them solve them.
  • connoisseur of computer technology.

So, if you have any of those qualities, becoming a Pinterest VA could be amazing for you! So, if you want to earn extra money by becoming a Pinterest VA, here are some tips on how to prepare your blog services.

Add a menu of your services: when you first become a Pinterest VA, you can add what you offer in your menu on your blog. Some of the areas in which you can concentrate on are:

  • Tailwind and the BoardBooster account set up
  • Manual service setting
  • Custom pin design
  • Update pin and board descriptions for SEO
  • Business account set up
  • Organize boards and pins


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