PM Orders an IT Roadmap for 5G, Fiberization and Promoting The Sector

Prime Minister Imran Khan directed to formulate a comprehensive road-map for the development of the information technology (IT) sector in the country within a week.

The key areas include the launch of 5G, connecting mobile phone towers through fiberization in big cities and defining timelines of other important matters to remove impediments in the promotion of the IT sector.

The prime minister issued the directive while chairing a meeting on promotion of information technology, which was attended by Commerce Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood, PM’s Special Assistant Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Co-chairman Prime Minister Task Force for IT and Telecom Dr. Ata ur Rehman, and secretaries of information technology, commerce, cabinet, and finance divisions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the country’s future is linked with information technology and the government is prioritizing the promotion of the sector by providing incentives to the skilled youth so that they can compete with the world .

He said that a comprehensive plan has been chalked out for the promotion of the IT sector, for which relevant departments have been assigned relevant duties.

A representative of the State Bank of Pakistan said that for freelancers, the decision to increase the monthly limit of foreign remittance to $25,000 would be completed in two days.

Freelancers will be given incentives on the received amount and the exchange of foreign currency into local currency will be done at the inter-bank rate, he said.

The major purpose of the meeting was that an e-payment gateway to established by April. A representative of the Federal Bureau of Revenue gave a briefing on tax incentives to the IT sector.

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